prime my body review

Prime My Body Review

It is believed that CBD and Hemp could entirely eclipse the cannabis market in the near future. This is because the popularity of CBDs is becoming more apparent these days. In fact, the market has almost doubled its size in just a year.

Aside from the Farm Bill, another reason for these current events is that CBD is found to help a lot of people in resolving their respecting health conditions. But, can Prime My Body entirely surpass the cannabis market?

Are their products really that great? Are they effective and made of finest qualities? If so, how?

These are only some of the questions that this review will tackle. And if you are looking CBD products, then this might help you in your search as well.

Quick Summary

Quality: 3.8 
Effectiveness: 4.5 
Brand Legitimacy: 3.8 
Price: 3.8 

Prime My Body

prime my body

Prime My Body is a multi-level marketing company that offers business opportunities and CBD products. The brand only started in 2013 and they are headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Although Prime My Body is one of the youngest CBD brands of today, they have already reached the global market due to their business model. In fact, they now have offices in Canada, Japan, and England.

One of the founders of the company, Brian Cummings, is also the Chief Marketing Officer of the brand. However, the main founder is unknown. Nevertheless, Paul Rogers is acting as the Chief Executive Officer of Prime My Body in the recent times.

Awards and Distinctions

There are no known awards given to Prime My Body yet. But as mentioned, they are very popular in almost all parts of the globe because of their marketing strategies.

In the United States, almost every individual is very familiar with the brand because they have a lot of affiliates scattered all over the continent.

But while Prime My Body has not received any awards or distinctions from CBD organizations, their actual users, affiliates, and customers are largely the ones who give recognition to them.

Manufacturing Process

#1 Sourcing

Prime My Body does not share to the public where they source their CBDs and farm their Hemp Plants. The only information that they usually disclose to the market is that all of their hemp plants are sourced from “domestic sources.”

According to Prime My Body, their domestic sources follow strict guidelines and implement practices that are compliant with federal regulations.

#2 Extraction

As for the extraction process, Prime My Body largely uses ethanol to bring out the resins, cannabinoids, and oils from the hemp plants.

Once the raw materials are all obtained from the plants, they then pass through a high-end type of extraction method. This process is designed to fully omit the THC in the content. And this is called Simulated Moving Bin Chromatography.

#3 Manufacturing

All of the extracts are tested for solvent, microbes, residues, and pesticides. As for the final products, they would again pass through several tests for quality assurance. These tests include hard metal, potency, microbe testing.

However, not all results and certificates are disclosed or shared in their website. The only certificates that you would find are all for the Hemp Oil products.

Prime My Body Products

Unlike other CBD brands on the market, Prime My Body only offers 5 hemp-infused products. And these products are all focused on improving and priming the body, hence, the name of the brand.

Today, these are the products of Prime My Body:

  • Hemp Oil 
  • Hemp-Infused Detox System 
  • Edibles 
  • Topicals 

Keep in mind that these products are all focused on Hemp and Hemp extracts.

Prime My Body’s Best Selling Products

Today, Prime My Body has two best-selling products. And these are the Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil and Hemp-Infused Moisturize Hydrate Pure.

Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil 

primemybody hemp oil
  • GMO-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • GMP-Certified
  • Liquid Liposomal Delivery System
  • Full Spectrum Effect
  • Uses a Proprietary Formula
  • Tested by a Third-Party Laboratory

The Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil is the top-rated product of the brand. According to Prime My Body, this hemp oil is far superior to the typical CBD tinctures due to its liquid liposomal delivery system.

Moreover, this oil is mainly designed for optimizing and calming the mind and body.

Ingredients: Hemp Extracts, Ethanol, Phospholipids, Vitamin E, Water, Glycerin, and Natural Citrus Oils.

Using The Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil 

Just like the usual CBD tinctures, the Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil should be taken sublingually. The recommended number of pumps to be consumed per day is 1 to 4. Also, it is best to take this hemp oil on an empty stomach or before consuming any meal.

“I have come to love this product so much! I have found that it calms me down immensely, and has generally reduced my stress level”

“Experienced a subtle feeling of relaxation in the eyes and shoulders with a slightly uplifted attitude toward the day“

“Never seen such an advanced line up of ingredients to compliment the medicinal extract”


  • The taste is pleasant
  • Very effective
  • Efficient bioavailability


  • It is offered in one strength only
  • Expensive

Are you looking for an innovative hemp-infused oil? Try the Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil and see the difference! 

Hemp-Infused Moisturizer Hydrate Pure

primemybody hemp oil
  • 99% Pure Hemp Isolate
  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-GMO
  • Sulfate and Paraben Free
  • Packed with Botanical Blends

The Hemp-Infused Moisturize Hydrate Pure is one of the purest topicals in the CBD industry. Although many experts and users claim this statement, there is no actual certificate of analysis posted or included in the product.

This topical is best for dry skin, rough skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and damaged skin.

Ingredients: Hemp Oil Isolate, Caramel, Tocopherol, Vegetable Glycerin, Water, Tapioca Starch, Benzoic Acid, Cetearyl Glucoside, Cetearyl Alcohol, Arachidyl Glucoside, Lavender Oil, Propanediol 

Using the Hemp-Infused Moisturizer Hydrate Pure 

You can use this hemp-infused moisturizer anytime you want. Just take a small portion in your hand and apply it on the affected skin. Just keep in mind that this is for external use only.

“You can definitely tell the formulation is prime, If you Google it, you'll better understand what I am talking about!”

“I felt the clouds lift & my mind became clear. It's like someone turned ON the lights in my brain!”

“I am more calm & relaxed; I don't get stressed over the little things.”


  • Easy to apply
  • Effective in moisturizing the skin
  • Uses pure hemp isolate


  • Expensive
  • There are no other variations

Buying Prime My Body’s Products

Are you interested in buying their products? If you are, then it might cost you some time and effort.

Apparently, it is very difficult to purchase their products. It’s either you have to apply as an affiliate, which would cost you hundreds of dollars to become one or purchase from their affiliates.

Nevertheless, affiliates are entitled to 20% discounts and special offerings.

Although Prime My Body states that interested buyers could purchase from their online store directly, their website is quite misleading. The platform would take you around their online store but it would not let you create an account. So, you may need to contact first their customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do bioavailability and liposomal delivery system mean?

Bioavailability is the amount of a consumable that is used by our body. But, not everything that we take or eat is utilized by our body. Some of them are thrown out. And this is where liposomal delivery system enters the picture.

The products that feature this kind of system allows the users to absorb more of the contents naturally. Accordingly, the benefits will become more apparent and the only things that will be thrown out are the wastes.

What is the best product for me?

Prime My Body does not actually offer a wide range of products. But even so, you could still choose the best one for you.

Unfortunately, the brand does not specify which products will be work best for you. So, you will need to do a lot of research first to learn which of their products is the perfect match.

Where do they ship?

Prime My Body ships their products strictly in the United States.

Final Thoughts on Prime My Body

Prime My Body is a legitimate multi-level marketing company. However, there are still a lot of questions and doubts when it comes to the company’s and brand’s integrity. One apparent reason for this is that Prime My Body does not entirely disclose all important information to their customers and clients.

In addition, it is seen that the company is much more focused on expanding their empire in the world of multi-level marketing than on improving their products. And this is already a tell that Prime My Body is majorly a business advocate. 

Nevertheless, their hemp-infused products are seen to be very effective. In fact, the number of users of and demands for their products are quite increasing. So ultimately, we would recommend Prime My Body products.