mary's medicinals review

Mary’s Medicinals Review

Ever since President Obama signed the Farm Bill in 2014, the number of CBD brands and companies has exponentially increased over the years. In fact, it is seen that CBD will become a billion-dollar industry in less than 5 years.

It is only fitting since the innovations made in the industry are really top-notch and impressive. But while further improvements and advancements are still being looked forward, Mary’s Medicinals claims that they are the most innovative CBD brand from the beginning up until today.

There is no doubt that Mary’s Medicinals is one of the pioneers in the industry of cannabis and CBD. As it happens, the company has obtained several patents in the cannabis industry which makes them really outstanding.

However, there are other CBD brands and companies today that also claim the same things. So, is Mary’s Medicinals really the most innovative brand? If so, then how?

This review will help you learn if they are truly the most advanced in the industry. And if you are looking for such brands, then this might help you as well in looking for your CBD products.

Quick Summary

Quality: 4.8 
Effectiveness: 4.5 
Brand Legitimacy: 5.0 
Price: 4.5 

Mary’s Medicinals

mary's medicinals

Even before the Farm Bill (2014), Mary’s Medicinals is already a well-known company in the Cannabis and Hemp industry. This is because the company started with medicinal cannabis products.

Apparently, Mary’s Medicinals was founded by Steven Marshank and Lynn Honderd in 2013. And Honderd is now the Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Today, the headquarters of Mary’s Medicinals is unknown. But, they have huge dispensaries in some states in the vicinity of the US.

Awards and Recognitions

Mary’s Medicinals is actually a huge name in the Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD industry. They are widely recognized by many authorities in these sectors. And this is all because they were the first one to discover the harvesting processes of CBD isolation.

Also, the company is the first to offer THCa and CBN products on the market.

In addition, Mary’s Medicinals is very popular in their audience and market because they work with several organizations like Patients out of Time, Realm of Caring, and the American Cannabis Nurses.

As for the company’s awards, they have received numerous distinctions and merits from several CBD and Cannabis authorities. In fact, they have more than 20 credible awards that really made them stand out from the competition.

Recently, they were awarded for their products as the Best Infused Products by the National Cannabis Industry Association.

Manufacturing and Production

#1 Sourcing

Mary’s Medicinals has a partner company farm, Elite Botanicals. They are actually the one that farms and delivers the company’s raw materials.

As for the main source, the industrial hemp farm is located in Loveland, Colorado. And according to the company, all of their hemp plants, along with the raw materials, are non-GMO, organic, and pesticide-free. Also, they claim to have a higher potency that is 4 times the ordinary rate that the other brands offer.

#2 Extraction

In terms of extraction, Mary’s Medicinals utilizes two high-tech extraction methods: Ultra High-Performance Liquid Chromatography and Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer.

These methods are used to separate the compounds and to increase the functionalities and abilities of the compounds, respectively.

#3 Manufacturing

When it comes to manufacturing and production, everything that is developed, sold, and created by Mary’s Medicinals is guided by five key pillars:

  • Accurate Dosing
  • Convenient Use
  • Clinical-Grade Delivery
  • Industry Leading Accountability
  • Patient First Mentality

According to the company, they always make sure to follow these key pillars. For them, these are the main things that allow them to ensure the overall quality and effectiveness of the products.

Furthermore, they have on-site chemists and specialists who oversee all areas of operation.

The Products of Mary’s Medicinals

Unlike other CBD brands, Mary's Medicinals offer only a few products:

  • Transdermals
  • Tincture
  • Topicals
  • Vape Kits
  • Capsules

The transdermals are the first products that Mary’s Medicinals offered to the public. These are patented and well-researched. In fact, they claim that this is their forte. 

All of these products come in 1 to 3 variations only. Also, it is only in the recent years that they have added them.

It is important for you to note that the products of Mary’s Medicinals are not only focused on CBDs. Some of them are categorized under the medical cannabis section. So, when buying these products, it may require the buyers to have prescriptions and legal documents.

The Best Sellers of Mary’s Medicinals

Since Mary’s Medicinals started the company with transdermal products, these have become the company’s best sellers of all time.

Mary's Medicinals Transdermal Gel Pen

mary's medicinals transdermal gel pen
  • US Patented Product
  • 2 mg dosage per pump
  • Full Spectrum

The Transdermal Gel Pens allows the users to create their own ratio of cannabinoid profile. Accordingly, these gel pens are available in four different profiles: THC-Sativa, THC-Indica, CBN, and CBD.

Ingredients:  Water, Lecithin, Full Spectrum CBD Oil, Ethyl Alcohol, Menthol, Terpenes, Citrus Basil, and other chemicals used for gels and creams.

Using The Transdermal Gel Pen

Using this gel pen is very easy since it is designed to provide accurate dosage already. All you need to do to pump the pen and apply the gel on the skin where veins are more visible.

And the gel will then work directly from your skin to your bloodstream.

Each Transdermal Gel Pen has 50 doses. And the effects would last for 4 to 6 hours. You may apply this once or twice a day.

“I have tried many, many methods of pain relief and Mary’s CBD Gel Pen has been the most effective of them all - without side effects, stupor or hindrance of any kind.”

“I have tried both the sativa and the indica and they both helped immediately”


  • Very effective
  • Convenient to use
  • Available in four different cannabinoid profiles


  • The gel may cause the skin to dry if the user has a sensitive skin

Do you want a cannabinoid-infused topical that can give you exact dosages? Try this Transdermal Gel Pens now! 

Transdermal Patches

mary's medicinals transdermal patches
  • High Bioavailability
  • Discreet and Convenient usage

The Transdermal Patches are one of a kind. And each patch actually features 6 different cannabinoid profiles including THCa, THC-Indica, THC-Sativa, CBD, CBN, and THC:CBD 1:1 ratio

Ingredients:  Sunflower Lecithin, Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract, Terpenes, Eucalyptus, Adhesive

Using The Transdermal Patches

Similar to any skin patch, all you need to do is to apply the patch to the affected area. Whether it may be your back or joints, you can stick it anywhere. But keep in mind that this is for external use only.

It works best when applied to areas where the veins are more visible. Also, it works after 15 to 30 minutes of patching. The effects may last up to 12 hours.

“This works better than any medicine I’ve tried for my fibromyalgia, and it’s also helping my chronic anxiety. It’s pretty incredible”

“I tried some of your patches and they really worked. Better than morphine, methadone, anything.”


  • The effects may last longer than the usual topical
  • Very convenient to use


  • Not ideal for sensitive skin

Are you looking for a medicinal skin patch that lasts? Check these Transdermal Patches from Mary’s Medicinals now! 

Buying Products From Mary’s Medicinals

The products of Mary's Medicinals are not available for online purchases. They are actually distributed and sold through the company’s licensed dispensaries.

These huge dispensaries are located in these states:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • Nevada
  • Oregon
  • Vermont
  • Washington

If you want to learn the exact locations of these dispensaries, you may check their website.

Also, keep in mind that these products are not focused on CBDs alone. Some of them contain THC and other cannabinoid profiles that would require prescriptions and other legal documents.

Frequently Asked Question

Do the effects truly last?

As it happens, it ultimately depends on your body and skin composition, your rate of metabolism, the intensity of pain and condition, and your tolerance to cannabinoids.

Nevertheless, it may last up to 12 hours, theoretically. Also, it is always best for you to consult first your physician.

Will I feel “High” when taking your products?

Naturally, when taking products that have high levels of THC, you will feel the “high” since THC is psychoactive. However, it is not the same as the traditional THC high. It is more of a steady relief over time.

What makes your transdermal products different from other products?

Since the cannabinoids are directly applied on the skin, they could easily pass through your bloodstream. Hence, it would bypass your stomach and liver which would easily break down the contents.

Accordingly, it could provide you with much more effective and reliable results.

Final Thoughts on Mary’s Medicinals

All in all, Mary’s Medicinals is a very reliable and trustworthy brand. And in stating that they are the most innovative brand of today, we could partially agree on that claim since their technologies and innovations really stood out.

In addition, we would highly recommend the products of Mary’s Medicinals. Aside from the fact that users can choose and personalize their chosen cannabinoid profiles, these products are really effective and reliable.

So, if you are looking for a CBD or other cannabinoid-infused products, you may want to check Mary’s Medicinals today!