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A Comprehensive Green Roads Review

Painkillers are relatively cheap. And aside from being inexpensive, these drugs are conveniently accessible making them very in demand. In fact, many individuals have become too dependent on painkillers.

However, there is a huge problem with painkillers. Not only that these drugs have side effects, but they also pose a huge risk to addiction. This is why a lot of experts and physicians today would recommend using CBD instead of painkillers.

According to several studies, CBD has been found to work better than painkillers all because it is natural and organic. But even so, not all CBD brands offer the best qualities. As a matter of fact, one of the most apparent risks in the CBD industry is the quality of the products that every brand offers.

So, it is very much important to get to know first the brand before buying any of their products. This is why we have come up with a short Green Roads review to help you learn whether the brand is trustworthy or not.

Quick Summary

Quality: 4.8 
Effectiveness: 4.8 
Brand Legitimacy: 4.8 
Price: 4.0 

Green Roads Overview

  • A Florida-based company
  • Founded by Arby Barroso and Laura Fuentes
  • Established in 2012
green roads

Green Roads started as a small family business. The company was founded by Arby Barroso after experiencing CBD personally. Along with Laura Fuentes, who is a long-time pharmacist, they founded Green Roads World in 2011 and later re-branded to Green Roads.

According to the company, they aim to “offer patients a safe, effective alternative to prescription painkillers, other toxic prescription, and over-the-counter drugs that contain harsh chemical compounds alien to nature’s perfect remedies.

Today, Green Roads is one of the biggest CBD companies in the industry. And they are headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Awards, Distinctions, and Recognition

Green Roads has received recognition and commendations from several media outlets such as Cosmopolitan, Forbes, and Buzzfeed. They were also featured on national media including NBC and CBS.

Green Roads also takes pride in their current market. They now manufacture and distribute their products to more than 5000 retail stores across the United States.

Manufacturing and Processing

  • Uses the most expensive extraction process
  • Sources hemp from Colorado

#1 Sourcing

Green Roads source their hemp from Colorado. They follow strict guidelines on hemp acquisition which is very essential to every CBD brand. Also, they have on-site quality checkers to ensure that each batch of hemp plants are organically-grown and pesticide-free.

#2 Extraction

In order to ensure quality, Green Roads uses one of the hardest and most expensive processes in extracting CBD. They utilize the supercritical CO2 extraction.

During the extraction, Carbon dioxide is put under high pressure and low temperature to extract the oil. It is then cooled, and as the gas evaporates, pure CBD oil is left.

#3 Manufacturing

Green Roads's products are all manufactured and processed in Florida. But even so, they have in-house quality inspectors in Colorado to ensure the quality of the sources.

As for the overall quality assurance, their products are checked and tested by a third-party laboratory named Evio Labs.

Green Roads CBD Products

Green Roads aims to be the leading manufacturer of CBD in the industry. This is why you would see almost all forms of CBD in their product lines.

Today, the brand is offering the following CBD products:

With over 50 varieties and forms of CBD products, it gives every user the freedom to choose the most appropriate CBD products for their needs and wants.

The Best CBD Products of Green Roads

If you are considering Green Roads products, you may want to learn the brand’s bestsellers of today. Here are their top 2 bestsellers:


  • Made from a pharmaceutical grade of CBD 
  • Legal and contains non-detectable THC contents 
  • Abundant in terpenes, vitamins, oils, and omega fatty acids 
  • Non-GMO

Green Roads CBD Oil is one of today’s most popular choices of CBD users. This CBD oil has 6 different concentrations ranging from 100 mg up to 3500 mg. And what makes this oil very much versatile is that the brand not only offers bottles, but they are also available in “on-the-go” and “daily dosage” packs.

The users of this oil usually suffer from poor sleeping quality, headaches, joint and back pains, and muscle pains.

Ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil, Broad Spectrum CBD Oil, Kosher-Grade Vegetable Glycerin

Using The Oil 

Green Roads CBD Oil is very easy to use due to the dropper that is included in the package. It is recommended to take the oil sublingually by placing .5 up to 1 ml under the tongue for 30 seconds.

You may add a few more drops when you think that there is a need to increase the dosage. But even so, it is always recommended for you to consult first with your physician before taking this CBD oil.

“I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't taste bad-at all! I take a full dropper once a day to help with my joints etc.”

“I've been using this CBD oil (the taste is not bad at all, in my opinion) right before bed, and I honestly notice a difference in how I sleep. Without it, I wake up during the night or feel restless for longer while trying to fall asleep.”


  • Offers a wide variety of concentrations and packages
  • The taste is appealing
  • Effective in relieving headaches and sleeplessness


  • Expensive

Do you want a CBD Oil that offers a pleasing taste? If you do, then you might want to try this CBD Oil now!

CBD Coffee 

greenroadsworld coffee
  • Made from 100% industrial organic hemp
  • Legal and contains non-detectable THC contents 
  • Abundant in terpenes, vitamins, oils, and omega fatty acids
  • Non-GMO
  • Infused with 250 mg of CBD

The CBD Coffee from Green Roads is one of a kind. They have it in decaf and natural variation. And they offer calming and healing benefits to the users.

The people who usually buy these products are the ones who want to manage their weight, control blood pressure, and improve digestion.

Ingredients: CBD-infused coffee grounds, pharmaceutical-grade cannabidiol

Using the CBD Coffee

Just like any coffee ground on the market, you will need to brew it. But, it is not advisable for users to utilize distilled and soft water in brewing the grounds. Instead, use chilled pure spring water to enhance the flavor.

The most recommended serving is about 2 tablespoons per 6 ounces of water. But, you can adjust the number of tablespoons according to your needs and taste.

As for the number of cups per day, it will be dependent on your needs and preferences. Just make sure that you are above the age of 18 before consuming this coffee.

“This coffee is super relaxing!! No jitters from caffeine.... smooth mornings!!!”

“Absolutely the best! I am very particular when it comes to my coffee! Flavor, aroma, and combination of CBD and coffee is amazing. One cup in the morning results in alert but not anxious.”

“Great Taste! A Perfect Combination!”


  • The aroma is very pleasing and relaxing
  • The coffee tastes good
  • Very effective in relieving stress, anxiety, and pain


  • Not recommended for young people 
  • Expensive

Why drink normal coffee when you can drink a coffee that can provide more health benefits? Check it out now! 

Buying Green Roads Products

As mentioned, Green Roads products are now distributed to more than 5000 stores across the United States. So, if you are interested in buying their products, you may want to check these physical stores.

But for safety and security purposes, purchasing through the company’s website might be more fitting and convenient. All you need to do is to register and make an account before placing an order.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the perfect product for me?

Green Roads has a wide variety of CBD products. But while the brand has a lot to offer, there is no specific indication as to which products will be the best one for you. Hence, there is a need to understand your condition in order to choose which ones are appropriate.

Are there side effects?

All CBD products of Green Roads are guaranteed to be pure and 100% safe for all users. Hence, you are free to choose the CBD products that may fit your interests and preferences.

However, it is always recommended for every user to consult first their specialists and physicians before consuming CBDs.

Where do they ship?

Upon ordering, the retail products are shipped through USPS. As for bulk orders, they are shipped either through FedEx or USPS. And they all come in varying fees. Also, keep in mind that they are only shipping within the US.

Green Roads In Conclusion

Truth be told, you might find the best CBD product within Green Roads given their wide options. And based on the effectiveness and efficiency of these CBDs on the actual users, we would highly recommend for users to try it.

There is a reason as to why they are always seen as one of the top CBD brands of today. So, you might want to consider that aspect as well if you are considering to purchase your CBDs in Green Roads.