CBD.co + Canbiola Partnership

CBD.co Announces Partnership with CBD Company Canbiola

Canbiola is a vertically integrated CBD company with its headquarters being in New York. They have a variety of products such as oils, salves, lotions, gel caps, concentrates, water and pet CBD products. And utilize advanced ultrasonic sound waves to break down the size of their CBD molecules. Achieving sizes of as small as 30 nanometers.

This nanoparticle size of their CBD makes it much more bioavailable and effective of a product.

CBD.co’s CEO, Patrick Stiles, interviewed Marco Alfonsi, Canbiola’s CEO as well as Dr. Robert Kornfeld to discuss their business and products as part of this roll out.

Interview with Canbiola CEO, Marco Alfonsi


Interview with Canbiola Medical Advisory Board Member, Dr. Robert Kornfield

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Canbiola’s Products on CBD.co

Cbd.co has already produced review videos for Canbiola’s products. Check them out here:

Nano-Pure Ultra Hemp Oil

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Muscle & Joint Salve

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Tasty Drops 4 Pets

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